What to Do When Dealing with Long Island, NY Wedding Luxury Transportation

How to Deal with Luxury Wedding Transport

After you have worked on the details of your wedding ceremony and reception, there is a missing link that will bridge both locations. Most of the time, couples are underestimating the power of wedding transport to make the event more convenient. If you are planning to get the service of wedding luxury transportation in Long Island, NY, make sure that you do it well. If you have many guests who are seniors then giving them a lift will surely be appreciated. Of course, the transport should not only be limited to the old ones.

Wedding Luxury Transpo2When you are commending the search for the possible wedding transport company, make sure that you do the reservation in person, not online, not through phone, email and SMS. As a customer, the last thing that you should suffer is being double crossed. In order to avoid big disappointment regarding the provider, you need to see the office of the provider and the driver in person. By doing so, you can gauge the personality of the person/s you are working with. Before you visit the provider’s office, make sure you have researched about the company. It is also safe to list down all your questions especially putting highlights on the cost, deposit and etc. The quotation should also be given to avoid costly surprises.

If there is a common issue that most couples are always committing regarding the wedding transport, it is being faithful to time. Most of the time, there is always a delay. In order not to put the schedule on jeopardy, add pad time in every succeeding trips; the pad time should be around twenty to thirty minutes.  There are some couples who really want the transport system to be really precise and perfect so they conduct a test spin to the every route of wedding. The last thing that you should experience is interruption of travel time especially if the location reservation is timed.

Know the minimum booking hours

If you are to inquire in most companies, they are charging based on per hour calculation. However, it depends on how you setup the billing. There are cases wherein you will need the car for more than 3 hours. If this is the case, get a package that is good for 8 hours. It is also important that you add tip to the bill of the driver; they also worked hard—from patiently waiting until the end—so they need a reward.

Add ons

Since you are renting a service of wedding luxury transportation in Long Island, NY, the package will not be completed without the goodies like a glass of wine or champagne, music, and etc. If you have some demands, do not be too hard on the driver; it is your responsibility to inform the company ahead of time so that it will be addressed.

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