How to Perfectly Photograph Guests at the Wedding Event?

Tips for Photo Shooting Wedding Guests

11Wedding Guests are such an integral part of the wedding. The guest lists are prepared meticulously; making sure that no one gets eliminated. After all on the big day the couple would wish to see and get blessed by all their near and dear ones. So while every corner of the wedding venue gets filled with laughter, and friendly conversations. It is a photographer’s delight to capture the wedding guests, as a memory take away for the wedding couple. Here are some simple tips to photograph the wedding guests.

Explore and know the location

When the wedding venue is finalized, it feels good to get down to basics and start with exploring the location in prior to the big day if possible. This will help you conceptualise the shots, also you will know which backdrops and surroundings will make great shots. Knowing the location will always give a better hand in guiding folks and guests to the location. The smooth process of guiding will reflect confidence and guests will appreciate someone who knows their way around.

Use The Ambience of Surroundings

Every venue has its own unique mood and character, and a photographer would love to photograph the special guests of the day with the surroundings at the venue. Hallways, staircases, arch ways, the trees outside, awnings and every little intricate backdrop which would be beautifully decked up for the day, and the natural surroundings would make good shots.

Formal Shots are Inevitable

Formal shots with the couple are a special takeaway. Such shots are customary and it is important for the photographer to respect the essence of the ceremony and click the wedding guests. This is what you need to do so that you can have great wedding guest’s photos after the wedding.

Be Creative and Have Fun

As you conceptualise taking shots for the big day, the fun is in actually going ahead being creative and clicking your subjects. Request guests with poses, which will bring out the best in them, props may also add in elements to your captures. So just try and have some fun, and be creative and click those great shots.

Shoot wide angle

Wide-angle lens can help you capture groups effectively. Especially with wedding guests and group shots you would not wish to focus on just a few, you want them all. So shooting a wide angle, using wide aperture will help you capture groups admirably.

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