Ideal Atlanta, GA Wedding Dresses for Short-Waisted Brides

How to Dress a Short-Waisted Bride

When you are a short waisted bride then there are so many things that you need to avoid wearing when you are planning for your bridal dress. One mistake in wearing a certain dress style will lead to a disaster. In order to solve this kind of issue, here are some tips when getting wedding dresses in Atlanta, GA for short waisted brides.

wedding-dressIf you are wearing a two piece wedding dress for your big event then make sure that you don’t tuck-in the upper portion of your dress. Tucking in the top part of the outfit will make the bride’s torso really short. To neutralize your shortness, skip the tuck-in part and let it be.

One common mistake of most brides is the wearing of cardigans matched with the dress. While it is perfectly fine to wear a cardigan for your wedding especially when it is winter, the only wrong thing about it is the kind of cardigan being used. For short-waisted people, wearing a short cardigan is a big NO. According to bridal stylists, if you are a short-waisted bride please make sure to enhance your look by wearing a longer cardigan jacket.

Short brides should also be very particular with the necklines. According to wedding fashion stylists, super low necklines will make the bride look even shorter. V-neckline is good, but avoid low V-necklines. It is highly recommended to get necklines with basic high. Please check with your dressmaker ahead of time so you can pick a neckline that is appropriate for your height and body stature.

If you are short waisted, do not think that you are in the disadvantaged corner. You can always look fabulous no matter what body stature you have. All you need to do is work with your figures, not against them.

When wearing an evening bridal dress, there is the need to always re-define the waistline. According to experts, dresses with empire silhouette are not the actual solution to brides who have very short waist. If you insist to wear this kind of dress, you will look pregnant. Surely, there are many other options out there aside from empire dress. You will know a dress is perfect for your short waist if it elongates your torso and create slender and slim look. Dresses that are perfect for short-waisted brides are diagonal, basque, princess seam and many more.  

Being short is not a problem at all. In fact, there are a number of wedding dresses in Atlanta, GA that will perfectly fit you. However, randomly choosing style and silhouette will lead to your out-of-style wedding look. Before choosing a dress, make sure you do a one on one consultation with your wedding stylist.

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