Expert Advice from Professional Florists in Kansas City, MO on How You Can Save on Your Wedding Flowers

Practical Wedding Flower Tips from Professional Florists

florist3Not everyone is keen to spend for wedding decorations. Especially when it comes to wedding flowers, it is already expected that it would be very costly. There are also many factors that could increase the price of flowers even more. That is why this is a good opportunity what professional wedding florists in Kansas, MO want you to know about being more practical when it concerns buying flowers for your wedding.

First important tip is to use flowers that are in season. If possible, choose flowers that are available all year round and can be found locally. Take note that it is more expensive if the flowers are not in the season and the demand is high. Most of the out-of-the-season could even be from another place or country and that’s what makes theme even pricier. Might as well ask your wedding florist if there are alternative flowers that are also perfect for the theme of your wedding.

Why not rent plants instead of buying them? Yes, you can now rent plants too. This will minimize the flowers you have to purchase for the event. Another good tip is to go for plastic or paper flowers. One good example is the use of plastic wisteria blooms. On your reception, you can hang them on the ceiling. With this, there is no way for your guests to have a closer look on them and be able to tell that these are actually fake wisteria flowers.

You must also look for other ways on how you can minimise the use of flowers by incorporating other types of plants and decorative items. Instead of flowers, why not have herbs, vegetables, fruits, and other greenery? These could be great table centerpieces too. Make use of lanterns, balloons, ribbons, drapes, candles, and other decorative items that could also fill in spaces effectively. As for your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, you can have them literally small. Well, there is actually no rule that wedding bouquets should be big and grandeur, right?

Of course, what more could save you from buying lots of flowers is to do your wedding in a place with natural greenery and flowers instead. One good venue is botanical gardens. Since gardens are already filled with beautiful blooms, shrubs, and other plants and some even have butterflies, there is no need for you to spend much for your wedding decorations.

You should also double the duty. You can do this by using the display flowers on your ceremony for your reception too. Ask someone, probably your wedding florist, to transfer the flowers from the church to your next wedding venue after the ceremony and have them do the setup there again. The wedding ceremony will only last about an hour. It would be a waste to just leave the flowers there when they are still fresh and beautiful.  Don’t forget to look for wedding florists in Kansas, MO that could offer you your required flowers at costs you can afford.

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